Conversations at bar?

Hi! So, weird question, but I am currently writing a bit of a novel for English class and two characters are supposed to meet, a girl and a boy. She’s supposed to be a waitress working at a bar and the boy is supposed to be at the bar, and then they become friends. The guy is supposed to have just broken up with his girlfriend and looking for a rebound but pretty much ends up with a best friend instead - cheesy, I know - but I can’t come up with any way the two of them start talking! I’m imagining them by the bar, him sitting and her standing pouring him a drink but I just can’t work out the conversation! So this is where I need help - just a simple suggestion of a line that could start the whole conversation and how they become friends. Talking to strangers is something I rarely do which is why I’m not very good with coming up with lines 😛 Thank you!


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