Where can I watch free movies online?

Netflix has recently removed a bunch of movies that I like to watch and I can’t find these movies on DVD either. I’ve looked online to find free sites and most of them have some sort of catch when you sign up. I did find one but it had the occasional pop up that says “your computer is infected with a virus! Fix it now with this antivirus!” And won’t let me watch the rest of the movie.

It’s not like I need to see these movies again but I would like to do maybe this community can help me out?


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  • This honestly is the best one: Type don the name of the film you want to see followed by 123 movies into google and click on the different results. I have seen Twilight, last jedi...

    • That’s the one that worked for me! But now it gives me pop ups says my my computer has a virus

    • just shut them down when they pop up. that is totally normal. it is how they make their money and the ads are trying to get your attention. you need to just carry on and they eventually go away. or, if you are using chrome on a computer, get the ublock add on. poof! no ads.

    • Oh I thought they always came up now

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  • Movies2days

  • IMDb

  • You should give t o r r e n t a try, unless it's illegal in your location.
    Y t s. a g has a vast film collection and plenty of seeders, I usually find everything I want to watch there and when I don't, I go to p i r a t e b a y.


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