Please help! what can I do?

My mum is living with various different disabilities, some of them are still waiting to be diagnosed. Some of her disabilities are genetic and the others were triggered by the 4 car accidents she’s had. She’s been in and out of hospital for years, I can’t even remember the last time she wasn’t in a hospital. She suffers on a daily basis, she can hardly walk and her pain is so bad she can barely sleep. She became very down because of this but there’s always been one person who cheered her up, her favourite actor Ian Somerhalder, she LOVES him. He honestly makes her so happy and he’s a big distraction for her, she forgets about her situation when we’re watching him, he just overall brings her a lot of happiness. Because of this, I saved up my money to pay for her to meet him in Barcelona, we’re from the UK. She cried tears of happiness when she found out she was meeting him, I hadn’t seen her cry tears of happiness before, the fact that she was meeting him got her through a lot of tough hospital appointments. Today we found out that Ian had to cancel his appearance because it collided with something on his schedule, my mum was heart broken. Please, this is a long shot, but if there’s anyone reading that can help me make my mum’s dream come true, she was so close to having it come true. Is there anyone here who can help me? I just want her to meet him, she deserves it so much, she’s been through a lot. I really don’t know what to do..


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  • Im from different country, so sorry can't help.
    You shouldn't have told about ur plan to ur mom. Either it would be a surprise or a failed attempt in private.

    • Well I paid for it and it was a birthday gift to her. We had the tickets ready to meet him, I didn’t know he was going to cancel.

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    • Write a letter to his residing address, or to a place where he often visits.

    • I could try, thank you.

  • take her to theatre or something

    • What?

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    • well i wish you the best of luck, you're good daugther!

    • Thank you, I appreciate that

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