Why are the Nicklelback so hated?

I'm Italian, but I'm a fan of Nickleback since I was 15 years old. Recently (let's say since a couple of years ago) I noticed that they got many haters or people who don't like them. May I ask you why? I mean to me their music is so cool, compared to many singers who are way overrated, so what is the deal with them?


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  • I'm not sure too! I love their songs by the way. I heard some people dislike them because their songs sounds similar or something.

    • I agree with you, I also like them a lot, and I found unusual that so many people criticize them for their music. I mean , let's take Linkin Park, they are another band I liked a lot, but little by little they totally changed their style, too commercial, less rock, while Nickelback have often maintained their style

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  • I really donĀ“t understand either, because i agree with you, they make good music and are one of the best bands out there, i really appreciate their work.


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  • Oh wow, and yet Nikki Minaj has so many fans. I am clearly baffled.

    • Or Justin Bieber... damn !

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    • No I mean his music Style, everyone likes what he /she wants but to criticize Nickelback's music compared to Bieber... to me has noooooo sense at all

    • Well, he is not that bad compared to others who can't sing live to save their life. I also like Nickelback, the lead singer has an awesome voice! I especially love "If Everyone Cared." Smart lyrics, though I can't stand Kanye West, and why the hell are the Kardashians famous for?

  • I like them too, but Chad Kroeger is known for being a dick so that's one of the main reasons.

  • its the singer not the band mainly

    • Oh, so it's because of their frontman. Sometimes I've heard that he hasn't been very kind during some interviews, talking of other bands too.

    • yeh he's an asshole apparently

    • Now I got that, yes this could be a possible reason, thank you :D !

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