Which version with sea waves seems nicer?

Could you explain your point of view in a small description? Thanks!
  • Which version with sea waves seems nicer?a
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  • Which version with sea waves seems nicer?b
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  • B is more romantic and "Edgy" ish I guess, less soft than A... B is more CDF style you get me? A is softer, just requires less skill in my unprofessional opinion.

    • I can understand your point! I think you are right.

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    • You meant that the first version seems more easily transformed into a painting.

    • Nope hehe meant it looked more like a Caspar David Friedrich painting, that dramatic romantic evening ish style

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  • It depends on the look you're going for. A is more fresh. B is more mature. I don't know if that even makes sense but it's the vibe I get from them.
    A has a young vibe to it whereas B is more 'settled'.

  • I like A more. I love the colors. It looks more realistic.

  • I think be is more real life version


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