Should I take my fiances advice?

My friend had her bridal shower today. I told her I can't make it because I have to study for a final exam. The reality however is that I wanted to go on a date with my fiancé.

My mom goes to the bridal shower and tells her that I'm with my fiancé.

My mom tells me that's what she said and I'm mad because I seem like a liar to her.

My fiances (John) advice is to send her something like this:

"Hey, I really wish I could've made it my mom and huda said they had so much fun. Lol by the way my mom thought I was out with John. She came and saw me studying and she was like "I thought you're with John, that's what I told nedas mom".
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  • Your mom was wrong for not covering for you. You could try to tell your friend that. I hope your friend would believe your excuse.


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