Venom movie coming out! Who's excited?

Venom is such an amazing villain! He's ugly and scary but still a great villain! I just wish Spiderman was in this movie and maybe the sides swapped, seems as it's being told from Venom's perspective (Spiderman the "bad" guy and venom the "good" guy)

Also if Venom appears in homecoming 2 I hope it's Tom Hardy who plays him!

Are you excited?
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What Guys Said 1

  • I can't wait to see it, but i wonder if carnage while be in it too

    • I don't think I saw carnage in the trailer... I just wish Spiderman was in it.

    • Me too but at last we finally get a movie about him and the first one go to have eddie maybe the 2 one will have spiderman and flash in it

    • I love ur username by the way good pick

What Girls Said 1

  • This Venom movie is being produced by Sony and is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    So, to be honest, I think I'm gonna give this movie a miss.

    • I'm watching it because:
      He's my favourite SpiderMan villain
      Tom Hardy play Venom

      Honestly, everyone complains about how Sony messed up the amazing spiderman but it wasn't even that bad in my opinion.

    • The Amazing Spiderman movies were awful, but I don't have enough characters to explain why.

    • Well, I disagree.

      I think Andrew Garfield did really great and so did Emma Stone, but everyone has different tastes :)

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