Fave/Current Anime?

What's your favorite and current Anime you're watching now?


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  • i have 3 fave anime lol it's death note, seraph of the end, and prison school :) the anime i'm watching rn is the new season of tokyo ghoul !

    • Awesome! My favorite anime is Blue Exorcist, and My Hero Academia 😁 Currently I've been watching a bunch in cycle lol Tokyo Ghoul S3, Seven Deadly Sins S2, Darling in the Franxx, Black Clover, and Megalo Box 😂😂 I think I'm addicted

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    • lucky u 😩😂 oh yay another filler filled anime lol umm, i def will. i haven't heard of that one before i mentioned it lol

    • How much longer do u have? Also I'm going to add u lol seems we have more to talk about. Do u play any games right now? Overwatch, fortnite, Monster Hunter?

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