What do you think about Westworld (No spoilers please)?

I've only seen the first 2 episodes, I love it so far.What do you think about Westworld (No spoilers please)?


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  • Every single thought I've had? OK, here goes nothing

    "Is that a radial gradient or linear gradient behind the W"
    "Was this based on a book"
    "Am I supposed to understand what is going on?"
    "That woman is cute."
    "If I had her character's name I could google her. But they all have blonde hair."
    "I'll finish this later"
    "I still haven't finished that first episode, I really ought to watch it"
    "Wait, what happened? How did they get here?"
    "I hate when my internet does this"
    "Why are people saying this is sexist, but it has a female co creator"
    "I should go down to best buy and get a new router"
    "Is best buy open"
    "I was going to look up that actress"
    "Oh right, I still haven't finished the first episode"
    "I'm hungry, I wonder if I have any hot dogs."
    "This rape scene is pretty intense"
    "I didn't know HBO allowed nudity"
    "This show is an HOUR AND A HALF"
    "I'm done, that's just way too long"


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