Whats ur fav mov/Suggest a movie to watch?

I like adventures, romance and art movies.
Science fictions are my boosters. I love to watch sci-fi movies all the time.
Even out of these journals are appreciated.


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  • If you enjoy Quentin Tarantino movies, check out True Romance.


    It's definitely a romance, but not at all a traditional one. It's hilarious and violent and virtually every single person in the cast - including very minor roles, are actors who were already or became big stars.

    If you don't know, Tarantino was working in a "stock footage archive" (where movie makers can go buy generic footage of [usually] places to make it look like their movie was filmed in New York or Paris or Africa, even if it was really filmed in California) and had written 3 movie scripts. He kept being told that his scripts were great, but no one would give him money to make them into movies, as he was not an experienced director.

    Finally, he sold 2 of the scripts - for Natural Born Killers and for True Romance - so he could get the money to make Reservoir Dogs, his first movie. And though Tony Scott (director of Top Gun) changed the feel of the movie, there can be no doubt that it's a Tarantino script. It's one of my favorite movies of all time, and one that far too many people have never seen.

    Val Kilmer plays Elvis Presley (who only appears in Christian Slater's character's imagination) - as I said, every role is played by a star. But the scene that steals the movie is the Christopher Walken scene (no surprise!) with Dennis Hopper. It's worth watching the whole movie for that 5 minutes alone.


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  • Tombstone (Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer) by far one of the best westerns ever made. The good the bad and the ugly, fistful of dollars and a few dollars more, the three spaghetti western that Clint Eastwood starred in. Again, some of the best westerns out there.

  • - If you like sci-fi, Blade Runner and it's sequel 2049 were both fantastic.
    - For adventure, if you haven't seen the Indiana Jones movies you've probably committed a crime against humanity.
    - As for romance, if you enjoy foreign films that's where the best gems are - the Korean Movies "Always" and "A Moment to Remember" were both REALLY good.
    - And finally, amazing artsy-fartsy films I'd recommend would be Detachment and Mr Nobody

  • Last samurai

  • Ever seen Goonies?

    • Nope, googling it

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    • Yes will do (。・ω・。) ノ♡

    • If you like art try A Clockwork Orange as well

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