Does this show that online poker is rigged?

There is a game called winfall. It spins a wheel and decides what you are playing for in poker.

so if you play a $7 game it will most likely be for $14. 1 out of 4 times it will be for $35. then the odds go up from their. like 1 out of 50 times it will be for more etc etc

well I played and played and got $14 every time. again and again. each game I became more mad because it was not seeming random. I believe I got to about 35 or 40 games before I hit a $35.

the odds are 4 to 1 and it hit on 40 to 1. that seems suspicious. I really got mad because I started to feel like it was fixed. so I emailed them asking if the payouts were the same on Sunday. I don't know something was up.

as soon as I emailed them complaining I got 6 straight $35 games.

now I'm not one to blame my losing on It being rigged. I didn't even lose money. but this seems allitle suspicious does it not?


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  • Ofcourse its "Adjusted" how else would they make money?
    IRL Gambling.
    Even old long arm bandits have a fixed Ratio unless they are intergrated in that case the casino can adjust as they go.

    If they could not make money off of it, they would not do it.

  • I don't even trust people who are dumb enough gamble over the Internet. Play cards, you fuckin' hermits.

    • whoa your cool man. is that you in your pic?

  • You're gambling, That's bad in general.


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