Do you think the gaming world is limited?

Are video games ever going to just become "dull" because all ideas and styles of games have been used before? Many games are coming out and i've noticed they've been pretty repetitive
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  • People still rewatch Marvel movies and it's the same crap redone like 20 times in slightly different way. So im sure even if you reusing something. You will still get players or viewers


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  • Not many game creators are very creative and there are still some great ideas as well as styles that haven't been presented yet (due to the limit of technology or game engine) the same way there are games that have to be remake because the technology wasn't available or up the par plus not many gamers really care to play games at it's full potential to really have fun especially when the game have a lot to offer. I Love video games (I am true gamer) and I always look forward to see what's next especially new powerful game engine.


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What Girls Said 1

  • For some yes, but you will still have players that will still love and play regardless. But I read gameinformer magazine and read that even gamers eventually quit playing video games but it's not majority.


What Guys Said 2

  • Games evolve slowly. Since every story has already been told it's hard to be original. The best way to do it is when the computing power increases enough to assure new mechanics

  • I blame you for always buying the same reskin/rehash games so developers no longer have to innovate/take risks.

    • I don't buy them haha, but yeah i agree, people buying a shitty game just because of it being a sequel only feeds the developers's egos and they make ever shittier games after

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