Do you have a role model/celebrity crush that is different than your ethnicity?

I was just thinking about this because my daughter is Asian and she likes "Elsa" from Disney Frozen as her role model but she looks nothing like Elsa.

I try to look up to "Asian" public speakers (my current one that helped me out a lot is Anna Akana on Youtube, and she is currently working on a feature film).
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  • To be fair, I wouldn't say anyone looks like Elsa, as she's a disney animated character. I'm not sure why one's ethnicity seems to carry such weight to you with regard to a role model. Or am I missing something?

    • Usually Asian girls want to look up to Asian girl. Fat girl wants to look up to a fat girl (read the book Shrill). If there are no cool Asian girl or Cool Fat girls to look up to, then the girl will find herself as the one who does not belong or is not approved in society as "worthy" of any thing.

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    • Indeed. Still don't think it's a big deal, as most young children are "color blind." Lately there's been a big push to promote characters based on ethnic and social quotas. She'll be fine.

      I'm a halfie too. Cheers~

    • I don't think she or any kids are color blind, especially after reading nurture shock. She just thinks Elsa is com and wants to be cool, but she is playing pretend or imagination. When she grows up, reality will hit and she will not be able to play pretend as much.

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