Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

Ok here it goes... I am a big fan of both and idolize them both and now i am thinking of designing my room keeping one of them as a theme.. But can't choose who to choose as my theme. I dont wana keep both as it will ruin the look... plus if u think some other female celeb would look cooler and sexier mention them.

Both are so contrasting but i want my room to look not only classy but sexy too and not girly at all. Katy is short , curvy and over 30 while Taylor is skinny , toned but not curvy.. n i love both of them.

Who will look good as a theme?
  • Katy will look sexier
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  • Taylor will look sexier
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  • Katy looks good but not sexy
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  • Taylor looks good but not sexy
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  • Other option (only female and mention them )
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  • I'm a fan of both of them, I like Katy more but I think Taylor is sexier


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  • Eminem


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