Why do people downplay Dragonball (Z, GT, Super) feats?

Another thing is that these people say “DB characters reached lightspeed late in the series (majin buu arc or later some people even say as late 5 DB super tournament of power arc) even though we see goku dodging lightning as a kid which is literally anywhere between 1/3 to 1/2 the speed of light in DB alone which is safe to say by the time Goku fights Ma Junior aka Piccolo Jr. , we easily see Goku displaying a significant increase of speed well over twice as much. Plus we see master roshi blow up the moon which takes over 120 octillion newtons of force. That’s accomplish enough to knock out most popular characters or even vaporize them if we take thermal energy into consideration. I know the show/manga doesn’t take all law of physics into consideration but that is a cop out answer. Batman shouldn’t be able to move for years if his spine was literally broken or Thor’s hammer should technically be a blackhole hammer since it should pull the Earth towards the hammer since it weighs more (forged from a dying star ) . Yes even the fight between Supes v Doomsday abuses these rules since we don’t see streams of light coming from DD’s fist so he isn’t punching at lightspeed so that must mean he as a lot of mass right? No, he would sink through the Earth if he could knock out Supes with slow punches. Every canon of comics/manga break these rules yet when a show that emphasizes a little bit more humor than the western equivalent it is considered not valid bc of animation, or bc it hasn’t happened visually there for its not true. In DB characters move faster then the speed of sound (ex. General Tao throwing a pillar town districts apart at speeds exceeding mach 1 yet we have never seen a sonic boom.) I am not here to debunk anything. If the writer says Superman can lift infinite with help and that Satiama is strong enough to withstand a blackhole like ability from psychic abilities then it’s time we start accepting that DB characters feats according to the series are valid.
Well only one answer sigh


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  • No one can match dragon ball z characters in both strength and abilities.

    • I wouldn’t say no one but if you care to explain in depth I be happy to hear you out. by the way Ultimate Gohan ftw next season!!

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    • I see. Are you knowledgeable about pre crisis superman?

    • Do you know anyone on here is knowledgeable on Math and Dragonball I am doing some math and could use some help.

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