How do I write into this kiss?

I'm writing a story, and I want this kiss in it so badly. There's just one problem - how the fuck do you describe it? :/ I just the motion itself, and I love that he doesn't look at her... I don't know how to bring all that into text.. I'm not asking for a really discriptive text but just something that can help me?
Gif: link in case the gif doesn't work:
How do I write into this kiss?


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  • From my perspective, it’s less about describing the physical aspects kiss itself but moreso the background, buildup, and the resolution (aka after effects of the kiss). The reason I say this is because overly describing a kiss scene becomes almost awkard for a reader. It’s like if there was a film with a minute long kissing scene without music, changing of camera angles, etc.. It becomes too graphic. Instead, use imagery to kind of build tension for the kiss. I think dialogue also works well for the resolution for the kiss.

    I’m not a writer by any means, but my advice is to...
    1.) Decide what kind of emotions you want the audience to feel. This will help you decide how to build the tension.
    2.) What setting are they in? Describe it.
    3.) How do they get close? Build the tension.
    4.) What is your main character feeling? Describe that throughout.
    5.) Make a note to say they kissed (in some fashion)
    6.) As they exit out of the kiss, describe the emotions felt by the main character and what he/she is seeing.
    7.) Resolution of the kiss. What do the characters feel. What is going on in the scene?

    Again, I’m NOT a writer (don’t judge me lol), but something like, from the girl’s perspective in the gif...
    “I avert my gaze to a spot on the wall, refusing to give him this satisfaction known as desire. My heart may forgive, but my mind knows better. As he walks closer, the thudding from my chest only quickens, but stubborness firmly halts the longing to look. He is within an arms reach now. I subtly gaze a peak, but only from the corner of my eye. ‘He isn’t even looking my direction. It was only a lone thought fallen astray.’ But — as anticipation decays— I feel his hands on my cheeks as he bends my head ever so gently back and locks his lips with mine, sending past worries to wash away into a sea of newfound joy. Our eyes close so we can fully savor this everlasting minute. No words are said, but my mind erupts in too many emotions to process. Fear? Anger? Happiness? Or somewhere resting between? As his lips slowly ease back, I open my eyes to see his focus now fixated only on me.
    *insert dialogue* “

    What I was trying to point out is that I described less about the physical aspects of the kiss. I. e. I didn’t go into how the tongue felt, bioligical aspects, etc.. It was more so a description of the aspects surrounding the kiss. I’m sure as a writer, you can give better perspective, but yeah. Hopefully that gets the point across.

  • With out even a look in her eyes he instinctively grabs her from behind and lands his lips on hers in a passionate kiss that washed away all the years of pain they both had and in that moment they found each other once again


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  • He grabbed my face and without looking me in the eyes he kissed me (sloppily, passionately, urgently).
    Something like that? Depending on who's perspective you're writing from switch some words around.
    From the gif, I can't tell how you would describe the kiss itself. It seems passionate but their noses kind of smush together so it also seems kind of sloppy, if that makes sense.

    Hope this helps!


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