Favorite musical?

I've been listening to a lot lately my personal favorite it dear evan Hansen it's just got so many amazing songs in it. I love every thing about it. What's everyone else's favorite?Favorite musical?


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  • It's hard to decide... my top five are Heathers, Be More Chill, Hamilton, Legally Blonde, and Rent. I'm pretty obsessed with Carrie right now as well.

    • I got over my real big Hamilton obsession. I downloaded it the first time we passed Hawaii on deployment and had a couple hours of service and listened to it pretty much non stop until I downloaded a bunch of other musicals when we were ported in Vietnam.

    • I'm going to download the other ones. Except rent I have that one I love it.

  • Probably Les Mis, I’m just a boring stereotypical theatre geek.

    • I have actually never listened to the les mis soundtrack or seen the movie. I don't know why I just really got big into musicals this year.

    • It’s a classic, definitely worth a go 😊 I’d also recommend Rent, Catch Me If You Can, Hadestown, Legally Blonde and Spring Awakening

    • I've for sure listened to rent and I have one spring awakening song on my phone and have been meaning to download the rest of the album.

What Guys Said 1

  • Not really a musical but one of the best made with music as a theme - Inside Lewyn Davis


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