Somebody recommend a nice web series?

No Romance or Crime/Thriller BS.
Something very realistic. A human story. Like work struggle or something. Comedy. Inspirational. Something like that. A little bit of romance is allowed.
Like on YouTube?


Most Helpful Girl

  • The Good Doctor

    • Hey. I really liked the clips on YouTube. Can you send me a link?

    • On Netflix?

    • Oh its on Netflix. I'll check it out then. I was actually asking for something like on YouTube. I'll have to install Netflix then 😅😅

Most Helpful Guy

  • I can recommend a Manga, that is very comic like to read, I found it on webtoon, it's an app and a website, the series is called unTouchable, you might not like it though, I don't know your taste, but i enjoyed it even though i really don't like that genre


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