Do you know a melancholy song?

I seek beautiful soft music but can't find any. I seek already for a long time but of course, I do not know any music and I also want to find it simply on youtube. Please, do you have any suggestion? I like melancholy. I like emotional, sad and melancholy. I like singers but also only instrumental, that does not matter. Please me with some suggestionsDo you know a melancholy song?

Something like this.
Do you like it too?
I love it so much, I had to share it. Share me your melancholy song if you have one of your favorites.


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  • I'll dump a lot of them here with different styles

    --- Acoustic / Piano / Orchestra

    Yoe mase - lonely (acoustic)
    Timeflies - once in a while (acoustic)
    Shelter - Ghibli orchestra edition
    Shockline - maya bay (piano improvisation)
    The Island (Acoustic Remix/Cover) - Pendulum
    The Settlers 4 - Vikings Theme 5

    --- Electro / Chill

    FRND - Be happy
    Adam snow - Meghan's theme
    EDEN - wake up
    Fakear - la lune rousse
    Sunset lover - petit biscuit
    Uppermost - discover life
    Owl city - fireflies (said the sky remix)
    Dné - asos model crush
    Kidwaste - free
    Celadon city - below the alpine
    CMA - you're free
    Para for cuva - the fifth hand
    Killedmyself - dont worry about me
    Stereoclip - Easy field
    Lowercase Noises - Almost So Clear
    Noctilucent - Something New
    TwoThirds - Pieces
    Mango - Sayonara

    --- Post-rock

    Childs Yui 03 Marisal
    Aural Method - Let us face the evening skies with childlike eyes

    --- Trip-hop / Hip-hop instrumental

    Everything is okay - OE Beats
    little happy little sad - let me die
    Nujabes - Far Fowls

    I've only included one track per artist, explore anyone you like.

    • I will listen to them all. When I listened to the first song the dog with his had on my lab was pretty funny and cute. I have a westie dog named Denise. She never did that before. So that was a cute experience. But I don't know what she thought. :) 🐶

    • Haha who knows?
      It's good if you try them all and don't stop to the first of one category, because tracks from the same category can vary a lot from each other (particulary in the electro cat.). Enjoy the trip with your dog :)


    This is a nice song but it was banned from the BBC because it was blamed for a bunch of suicides.

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  • If its instrumental the check out Ludovico Einaudi

  • you watched this

    Radiohead - Daydreaming

    • Thank you. I will.

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    • I don't really like it much. I first just thought it might be a radio station. And that anyway gave me a good idea, because it might exist. And I hope if I find one it does not say it just only available in America or the UK this time. 😉


      I like this one. Just skip the first 3 seconds and it becomes beautiful. 😊

  • Helen's Theme - Phillip Glass


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