Who's going to win the eurovision song contest?

Are you watching?

I really liked Spain, Norway and Germany.


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  • Honestly not a big fan of this year’s performances, some were good but it isn’t my type of music anyways? I did think that my country the Netherlands did well with Waylon, what did you think about it?

    • I wasn't a big fan of Waylon it's just not my music style. But we also don't have a lot of good singers here.
      I really liked Germany, it's closer to what I like. It was Ed Sheeran like.

    • Of course the weird one won.
      They picked the chicken...

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  • I loved Spain too
    And Alexander is the cutest guy! I really liked him
    People say that Cyprus will win, but I think there were better songs than fuego

    • Absolutely.
      Fuego was good but not the best.

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    • Yeah
      We will see
      This years entry's are very good

    • Yeah they are.

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