Which do you like more?

My answer: physical. I mean it's more interactive with special features and games yes i know most of the games are bad but it's something. And you can't forgot they for some reason at times don't have a movie i want even if it's popular/really old. (for example the little mermaid isn't on Amazon prime or itunes) and you could say "but don't they sometimes have special features" yes but you have to go all the way to the end of the movie to even watch it and what if i want a specific special feature say for example i want ro know more about beauty and the beast's animation so i go to special features then animation (if they even have that ) simple.
Also another problem i have with digital is most of the time you need internet/wifi and say in this scenario you lose wifi and you wanna watch some flims. But problem is most of your movies are on your amazon prime account so your just kinda there like "well shoot" i feel amazon should make a offline viewing option i mean i bought/rent the flim i should watch it any time i want
(Wow i didn't expect it to be that long holy moly If you read all of that thank you for reading that mess lol. 💗)
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  • Digital copy of the flim
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  • Physical media is always better because it doesn't require internet.


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