How's My Writing Skills? (Poetry/Song)?

Walking out around the woods
Watching sunsets all alone
I know you'd be here if you could
I know you think that you should.
But I don't think I'm good for you...

It's not that I don't love you,
God, how much I do
I can't even go for a day without you.
So I don't know if I'll pull through.
But I know I'm not a good man,
I know I'll be bad for you.

Be careful, I'm fragile.
Leave me, I'm worthless.
I've had my heart broken before.
Be careful, I'm tired,
Leave me, I'm toxic
I'm not the man you I wish I was.

I think of all the nights we'd share,
Staying up, just lying there.
My body resting next to yours,
Listening to your gentle breaths,
Dreaming of us on distant shores.

Be careful, I'm weary
Leave me, I'm jealous
I know that I will never compare
Be careful I'm broken,
Heart twisted open
And I don't know if I can love you
The way that I should


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  • Think and see by urself

  • I think it's okay, though at least for me the flow when reading it is just not that great. When I read it the syllables just aren't paced properly, if that makes any sense. Might be because English is my second language.

  • Nice... I injoys it!!!


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