What's a hug between villains?

Is anybody reading Power Rangers Shattered Grid? Did the intimate hug between Lord Drakkon and Finster 5 ruin the story for you or is it just me? He is supposed to be evil, it's like Darth Vader running up to Palpatine giving him a big hug saying " I've missed you."What's a hug between villains?


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  • Well i mean Vader did throw Palps into a bottom less pit of misery when he realized "oh shit that's my son he's murdering" and then died telling his kid how proud of him he was.

    Some villains... are complex characters.

    • That was his son not his henchmen.

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    • I mean granted, I don't know the full details of the story. But it sounds believeable to me? You can lose your faith in people but that doesn't always mean every person, the people you already trusted you might just feel more linked to?

      I'unno but I've seen compelling villains who wereable to care about people that didn't get woobiefied before so I think it can be done with this

    • If your into comic books and would like to read it for yourself check out "Readcomiconline"

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  • Well you have to understand that villains are human beings like you and me. They may wish to control or even destroy the planet, or even the whole universe, but they are still capable of doing deep emotional connections with people, altought it would be very few people and these few people probably have the same distorted and twisted mindset that they have, but you have to understand this concept that villains are a pit of hatred and only care about destruction is not real, it is just an stigmatization of people that have goals that go against what majority of people perceive to be correct and good for them, but the fact is that even the worst person in the universe would still be capable of developing a deeper and affectionate relationship with someone else and i actually like when they try to give a realistic human character even to the most ville of people, because even then have a real human character that can be capable of developing affection, but i understand your point of view as well and understand from where you come from, i used to think like you, in fact like majoeity of people i would say, but then some personal experiences happened that changed my whole perspective regarding almost all subjects, but to sum it up i know majority won´t be appreciative of a villan that has a meaningful affectionate relationship, but i am more appreciative towards this more humanized villains, in opposition of the pit of hatred ones that just want to destroy and control for the sake of it, but each with their own.


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