Do you know how to play the bass guitar?


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  • Like @TadCurious mentioned, I can play bass. I play relatively well - spent a few years playing in jazz bands and musical theatre pit orchestras. My avatar photo is old but it shows me with my bass after a show.


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  • Yep! About a year after I started drums, I wanted to be able to create some melodic sort of grooves, so I began learning bass guitar. I still play it today.

    Favorite bass line is from Souls of Black (rerecorded version especially). Awhile back, this was my goal song and it took me awhile to learn... But it’s a super fun riff!

    Now I probably play more electric or acoustic guitar than bass today since it’s easier to write stuff in my opinion on those, but it’s still fun to go back and do some slap bass or just groove every once in awhile.

  • Yep! Its really, easy to learn with little to no, musical, background


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