Favourite song lyrics?

Hello all, with all the music going around there must be some lyrics of songs that stand out more then others weather they are written well or they pose a sentimental value to you. For me it's the intro lyrics to the song kryptonite by 3dd. What about you, what are your favourite song lyrics?Favourite song lyrics?


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  • Oh, its hard to choose. I have many XD currently maybe "On my deathbed, I will pray to all the gods and the angels, like a pagan to anyone who will take me to heaven." Im an atheist, but these lyrics, as well as the song, strike such a chord with me. Its like a stone by audioslave or maybe the lyrics to hurt by nine inch nails... but like i said, i like lots of lyrics... theyre one of the most important parts of a song to me.

    • Very poetic reminds me of red-pieces
      Then I'll see your face
      I know I'm finally yours
      I find everything I thought I lost before
      You call my name
      I come to you in pieces
      So you can make me whole

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    • And peices is about being put back together when there's nothing left no emotion love or feeling

    • I mean, if you just mean in a deep sad way, then perhaps I see your point.

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  • "And it's all in how you mix the two
    And it starts just where the light exists
    It's a feeling that you cannot miss
    And it burns a hole
    Through everyone that feels it

    Well your never gonna find it
    If your looking for it
    Won't come your way
    Well you'll never find it
    If your looking for it

    Should've done something but I've done it enough
    By the way your hands were shaking
    Rather waste some time with you"
    -The Used- 'Blue and Yellow'

    • "You've won the roll you played your part you've been cordially invited. But I'm not impressed and I'm definitely not excited. Cuz the film runs a shallow budget and the writer's subject script isn't any deeper so dive right in" -the academy is

      "Hands like secrets are the hardest things to keep from you... Dismantle me down. Repair. You'll dismantle me. You'll dismantle me." -Anberlin

      "Shake it once that's fine. Shake it twice that's okay. Shake it three times you're playing with yourself again." -Good Charlotte

      "Hurling insults on the lawn within your reach... the defense can't rest. We're done with you are you done with me too? Why can't you agree just do disagree no its only your way its only your way. If I don't agree if I disagree on its just the wrong way the wrong way." -Matcli

    • "All I known is I'm not home yet. This is not where I belong" -unsure

      "We've all grown. The past is left alone. When we look inside and see what's new my life is song I'm taking it back like Goonies do! We only win when we decide to!" -Killola

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  • Are you gonna take me home tonight
    Ah down beside that red firelight
    Are you gonna let it all hang out
    Fat bottomed girls
    You make the rockin' world go round

    • Great classic but I think this one has a better punch
      Now Jamie's been in love before
      And she knows what love is for
      It should mean, a little, a little more
      Than one-night stands

  • There's a lot of them but these two popped into my mind:

    "Would I have changed? If I and chosen a different path If I had stopped and looked back
    What will I get to see? At the end of this road, where would you be standing?
    The many friends I had to split off one by one
    I walk to my brighter future, I put on a smile for the further days"

    "Is it you who changed? Or is it me?
    I hate this moment, this time flowing by
    We are changed you know
    Just like everyone you know

    Yes I hate you, you left me
    But I never stopped thinking about you, not even a day
    Honestly I miss you, but I’ll erase you
    'Cause it hurts less than to blame you

    I try to exhale you in pain
    Like smoke, like white smoke
    I say that I’ll erase you
    But I can’t really let you go yet" - This one is about losing a friend and it means a lot to me. The way he captured the emotions of losing someone is so damn right and spot on.

    • by the way the first lyrics are lines from the song that I take and just put them together.

  • "I cannot play myself again
    I should just be my own best friend
    Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men"
    ~~🖤🌹Amy Winehouse🌹🖤


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  • "A real friend'll kill you if you asked him to
    Instead of stabbing on the back of you
    Just trying to get ahead
    But you can't spend a dime if you work yourself dead"-Meechy Darko

    Just what was on my profile.

  • "Perfect is perception, and perception is all they can see" Witt Lowry

    • Whoever knows pain is dangerous From the fire that burns the soul

      Rough English translation of feuer Frei by rammstein

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    I am 100% nigga

    • How about no before I get Roy Jones Jr to say go home N! gger

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    • True

    • I went anon you can delete this if you want to
      Safest for both of us

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