Sharks or Gargoyles?

Out of those two cartoons, which do you prefer?


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  • Damn throw back, props, but I'd say double dragons


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  • I have never seen a cartoon named "Sharks," so... Gargoyles, by default.

    Perfectly honest, I don't think Gargoyles was the absolute masterpiece that everyone says it was. Probably I feel that way because I didn't actually get see it until fairly recently, and I'd already had YEARS of expectations building up because people were praising it to high heavens and calling it one of the best shows ever. Nothing could have met the impossible expectations.

    Gargoyles as a cartoon was... good. Not great, but good. I liked the animation and the designs... like a Disney version of Batman the Animated series. I didn't think the characters were terribly interesting, but they weren't unlikeable or annoying or anything.

    Oh... one thing. Does Brooklyn have a personality, like, at all? I watched through both seasons of the show and the only thing I can say is that he's "young." I swear, they only made him second-in-command so that he'd at least have something distinct about him.


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