METALHEADS! who are your favorite non metal artists?

I’m looking for new music. Feel free to tell me your favorite metal band too, but not without some non metal. I need new music that doesn’t suck.

A few of my favorite non metal artists are:

Adele (wtf this lady is INCREDIBLE)
R. E. M
The Jesus Christ superstar soundtrack (lol)
Big K. R. I. T
Queen (and tons of classic rock besides them)
Phantogram (I really love them, please more like this?)
Nujabes (nice relaxing music, need more!)
Guthrie Govan (dudes a god on guitar more like this? Besides bucket head I know him already cmon bruh lol)
Sia (from the chandel-edoouu!)
Tony Scott (jazz, need more awesome jazz)

Yea I’m lacking in non metal stuff. I’m interested in classical music too but don’t know much about it.

I’m not into core bands, sorry folks don’t waste your time. I just don’t like them!


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  • - Alkaline Trio
    - Frank Turner
    - Green Day
    - The Jolly Rogers (might be considered metal)


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  • If I listen to metal then can I consider myself as a metalhead or I must wear certain clothes, have long or bald hair, visit concerts etc?

    • Just listen to metal lol.

    • Then you might be interested in my range of genres
      Streetlight Manifesto - The Littlest Things (ska)
      Instrumental Core - Jorney Through The Victory (epic orchestral dubstep)
      Caravan Palace - Lone Digger (electro swing)
      Billy Talent - Viking Death March (punk rock)
      I Am Waiting For You Next Summer - Away From Here (indie, post rock, instrumental)
      AC/DC - Big Gun (heavy metal)
      Beyond All Recognition - Characters (dubcore, metalcore)
      Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (sympho metal)
      Bob Marley - One Love (reggae)
      Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive (hard rock, metalcore)
      Lera Lynn - Whiskey (blues)
      Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum (instrumental rock, prog)
      Ensiferum - Wanderer (epic folk metal)
      Antti Martikainen - One Against the World (epic)
      Lindsey Stirling - The Arena (instrumental violin dubstep)
      Adam Hurst - Elegy (classic)
      The Birthday Massacre - Secret (synth rock)
      Dragonforce - Revolution Deathsquad (power metal)
      Los Straitjackets - Surf Rider (surf rock)

    • Arma Dre - Special Mission (electro)
      Hans Zimmer - Interstellar OST - Where Are We Going? (Hans has its own genre)
      Acoustic Alchemy - Break for the Border (jazz)
      The Hatters - Кайфмэн (gypsy rock, folk rock)
      Мельница - Дороги (folk)
      Нейромонах Феофан - Притоптать (drum n bass)
      Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (psychodelic)
      Oasis - The Masterplan (pop-rock)
      Anacondaz - Мама, я люблю (rap-rock)

      Been recently listening to lots of electro swing

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  • Bastille, Rag'n Bone Man, Illenium, does Three Days Grace count as not metal and not core band? I would say the best way to find new music is head to YouTube, search your favorite song and listen to recommended song from the sidebar.

  • Metal: dream theatre, leprous, opeth, twelve foot Ninja

    Non metal: Gorgol Bordello

  • Queen
    Ray Charles
    Francis Cabrel
    Green Day

  • Rolling stones, AC/DC, David Bowie


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