A black James Bond, a LGBT James Bond or a LGBT black James Bond, which do you prefer to be the next 007?

  • A LGBT 007
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  • A black 007
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  • A LGBT black 007
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  • A transgender, nonbinary, LGBT, plus size, bald, black feminist 007
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Most Helpful Girls

  • A transgender, nonbinary, LGBT, plus size, bald, black feminist 007. Really get all the brownie points you can. Honestly, they can just have a 5 minute long movie where the new bond instantly saves the day and is worshipped by the entire world as an immortal Deity (don't say god or goddess, those are gendered words, deity is gender neutral) and it will still get glowing reviews just for the character.

  • Ugh annoying 😑


Most Helpful Guys

  • None. They should make new characters. Fuck this SJW shit.

  • How about not ruining 007?

    • SJWs can't resist the temptation of ruining everything.

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What Girls Said 2

  • First off Idris Elba would make a damn good James Bond.

    • What a black gay 007? Seems progressive!

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    • I didn't avoid your question, I posted that at the same time you posted your question. Your question wasn't there when I started writing it.

      I never said not a gay James Bond. It would obviously cut out a major part of the character but then they already did that in the Daniel Craig reboots compared to any of the previous movies. There is no reason, considering the use of artistic license already employed, why he can't be gay. If he still does what he does, that makes the movies what they are, then I don't have an issue with that. I'm not for forcing sexual, gender or race politics into movies for the sake of it but James Bond has been done to death and it doesn't owe anyone anything. So changing it up is not an issue for me. I don't care if they make Fast and Furious 12 with ewoks.

    • Nothing, I just don't understand what the deal is with people needing to change established characters.

  • “Blackwash” LMAOOO


What Guys Said 2

  • Honestly whatever makes the most interesting character. Which could be any race or sexuality if written and acted well.

    But we all know that the director will do whatever is projected to be more profitable. If the chart says gay james bond or black james bond will bring more views thats what theyll do. A good character is ther afterthought 90% of the time.

  • This whole thing sounds kinky af and I love it


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