Could you see Chris Farley as Shrek?

Apparently Chris Farley was meant to play the beloved green ogre and when he died they rewrote the script and cast mike Myers in his place, who then gave the big green guy the accent and mannerisms we know and love today.

Personally i think without myers or the rewritten script shrek wouldn’t have reached the status it has today but it would have been entertaining still.

here's a video with some stock footage and some of Chris’ vocal work. Not much else has been leaked yet but allegedly about 90% of the movie was done when he died so there’s probably more.

Fair warning: it made me kinda sad to listen to chris’ voice. RIP


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  • It's tough Mike Myers had the perfect voice for him. I think Chris might have played him a little over the top but I would have been interested to see how he would have approached it. I think it might have been fate that the role went to Mike Myers. I can honestly say that was probably one of the roles he ever did

  • Pretty haunting. Good hypothetical quesrion. It probably would have done good, but I think Chris as a live performer would have been great. Michael Myers was at the top of his career then. That brought in a whole lot more viewers.


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