Lucky you song by Eminem, what is your reaction? Lyrics 🔥?
So what's your take about this Eminem's song, he is highlighting todays hip-hop music and his take on it. Agree or disagree? Opinions


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  • he is commenting on the generic pop version of hip hop and i think he has a very valid point given that i listen to acts like k rino or late rather than little wayne or kanye just for that very reason

    • He deffo is right, hate the mumble rappers and that's what he is saying

    • and then he ilustrates the fact by rapping single word so clearly. thats why he stands apart from the others

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  • I agree with him, but after so many years of him sucking his own dick so hard on every track, I'm finding it hard to start taking him seriously again.

    • have you listened to the album? i think he realises he went off tack and as he says he is his own biggest critic

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    • Yeah, lets see. I don't expect MGK dissing in a single track, might mention few lines in the song maybe

    • True, but I really expected MGK to run like other rappers have. Gotta give credit where its due: he stepped up, and not with some sideswipe shit.

      And Em had the nerve to say something about being the underdog? C'mon, man, snap back to reality. I think Slim's on the wrong side of this if MGK really follows through.

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