Why can EDM be so incredibly euphoric? I need an EDM expert to tell me?

I don't always listen to EDM but when I do and I'm in the right mood, it can just take me to another world and it can be some of my favorite music. Trouble is, it all can kind of blend together and I never know enough about it or the producers or the scene in general to know who produces the types of sounds I like. I like trancey tones , arpeggios, and ambience but heavy drops, all round club banger beats. It's really hard to explain the style completely, but when I hear it, I know it.

Not necessarily outright Trace, but maybe some combination of that and some other styles. Like if you go to a decent nightclub and someone big is playing there, you typically get like "premiere" sounding stuff. I'm probably making the description worse now haha. Can someone point me to some good material and DJ's?


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  • There are way too many DJ`s and all of them do their own thing.

    Within the rave scene you have Hardstyle and then your typical trance, techno, electro etc etc whatever.

    Hardstyle is harder and darker so to speak. DJ`s such as Headhunterz, Anger Fist etc etc. These dj`s perform more at events such as Sensation Black

    And then you have dj`s such as Swedish House Mafia, Avici, Steve Aoki, Rezz, Afrojack etc etc.. these dj`s perform at events such as Sensation white, or Tomorrowland etc etc


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