Have you ever read Watchman?

Have you ever read Watchman?
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  • I did it 35 minutes ago (if you read it you will know what thay means)
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For those who talk about the Movie, Alan Moore has liked ONE adaptation of his work, A single episode of the Superman Animated series adapting, For the Man who has everything


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  • Yes!!!

    I also read the DC Heroes Watchmen sourcebook, written by rl Vietnam vet Ray Winninger. (I bought A TON of gaming books when I was like 12 or 13.)

    I also loved the movie. I cried at the opening montage, the rise and fall of the Minutemen set to Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin'. Course, I cry at a lot of stuff.

    • Alan Moore <3

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    • @dissolute_dog Dark Knight was a truly powerful movie.


    • The Dark Knight isn't only the best super hero movie ever, it is also one of the greatest movies ever made aswell. Even when it is looked in IMDB Top 10 movies, almost all belongs to before 2000, however TDK is 4th, since it wasn't just a super hero movie. Super hero movies mostly give you some inspiration, some lessons about the life maybe and it is just a super hero movie in the end, it has an iconic villian with CGI effects and much.

      However TDK took it to another new level, to an eternity. Not only being realistic, its story was from minute one to the end had always tension and exciment. The story and characters were very well written and it was beautifully directed. It was a movie where the good guy lost, where he wasn't loved by his crush. He was someone doing mistakes, abandoned or broken. TDK deserves every single appreciate it is made for it.

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  • Yes, that book is amazing there is a ton in it when you start peeling the layers apart


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