From who would you buy a selfie book?

Can be a celebrity or someone you know in real life.


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  • No one I got Kim Kardashian's Selfish book a long time ago. Never getting another selfie book again after there one lol. It was interesting to say the least lol...

    • I always wondered why did you buy it?

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    • I used to be a Kardashian fan years ago embarrassed to admit that now but I used to love Kim. I got the book and it wasn't what I expected the page swere hard to turn. The book was really small and she had some topless photos and bare booty photos in there it was different.

    • Hahahah that’s funny😂
      You would think the pages would be high quality at best for the money you pay for😕 I wouldn’t want to see those pics lol

  • No one. I can't imagine spending money on something like that.


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