What's your favorite song in your native language?

This is my favorite song for now in my native language...


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  • I actually don't like Japanese music very much, though I spent my teenage years outside of Japan where my musical tastes were probably most influenced, and my American mother and Japanese father both listened more to American music (musical preferences was something they had strongly in common). So I'm actually kind of stumped.

    For lack of a better idea I went with the opening song of one of my favorite cartoons as a child in the 80s (Saint Seiya). I still sing that one a lot at Karaoke:

    • You reminded me of nintendo games neo-geo 😄

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    • Similar to it but not this game, it's famous world wide, i grew up playing such games and in 1990 i had an atari, my 1st game console 😄

    • I see. That one was my favorite one besides Hokuto No Ken:

      I tended to like the really violent ones.

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