What is your go-to song that always makes you feel better?

I feel like listening to some new music, something to get me out of my head for a while


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  • Ooh I have a bunch... just a warning it's mostly pop so if you're not into that, sorry.
    Fight Song-Rachel Platten
    Just Hold On-Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki
    Breathe (2 AM)-Anna Nalick
    Heartbeat Song-Kelly Clarkson
    Light in the Hallway-Pentatonix
    If I Could Fly-One Direction

    • I am a big fan of pop lol thank you

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    • one direction makes me happy

    • I've heard a few of their songs lol

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  • I have a bit of a wild card here, Green Day-Basket Case. Even the day after I found out my girlfriend cheated on me and I was heartbroken. When I was running errands and I heard it come on the radio, I turned it up and it still made me smile.

    • That's great man, not about the girlfriend cheating but for it to make you smile

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