What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?

It’s Halloween night and you’re babysitting two children (one boy one girl) while your friends are houses away getting laid
then you discover that your friends are dead and the guy who killed them is coming after you

This evil mofo
This evil mofo

You have no idea what’s happening except if you don’t do something he’ll probably kill all three of you.
what do you do?
  • What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?I hide the kids in the bathroom while I hide in the closet. Willing to risk my own life to stall him until help comes
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  • What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?I jump out the window and let him murder the kids (yolo)
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  • What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?I knock him out multiple times then relax before making sure he’s actually dead. (GOD DAMMIT JAMIE YOU F*CKING HAD HIM LIKE 3 TIMES!!!
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  • What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?I tie a noose with my penis and strangle him to death
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  • What do you do (Halloween edition part 1)?I pray that the president from escape from New York will save me
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Only one of you answered A
Therefore QueenofCups is the only person who lives
Better luck next time


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  • I wait for Blofeld from James Bond same guy from Escape from New York to come get him, he is hot on the teal of Michael Meyers


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