Daydreams While Listening To Music?

I don't particularly listen to only one genre of music, I tend to listen to songs that just sound really good and hit my "good spot".
As a little prelude, I've always enjoyed daydreaming that I could fly with some extreme speed jetpack of some sort. The feeling of extreme speed as I weave through the landscape and the feeling of the cool air as I do a variety of stunt maneuvers high in the skies while being immersed in the background music. This is the "good spot" for me, if it's music that super compliments those daydreams. As I was typing, I was listening to my latest song obsession that really hit my "good spot", very excellent while having the windows down in the car on the highway:

And during my late childhood/teen years, this hit my "good spot" so good, a superior "suspended" feeling:

What are some of your daydream (s)-music pairings where you just completely get immersed in?


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