What song are you currently in love/obsessed with?

Man, I've listen to this song like 20X in row now, it's just that good. I love Nothing More <3 Leave videos below guys.. I'm also obsessed with Lacuna Coil. Just a black chick who loves metal...


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  • I've been listening to Melanie Martinez and Christina Peri a lot, mostly Soap, Tag your it, and Play Date are the ones I listen too that are Melanie's, as for Christina I've been listening to Bluebird and Sad Song. But my music choices change pretty often very diversely.

    • *I've also been listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds song - specifically Primadonna Girls

  • This song, it's by a band who are known for creating a popular song used in memes called for the damaged. I just adore this song so much. it's unusual and I just love the sound.


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