What are the most beautiful songs you think almost noone ever knows?

Blackmore's Night is one of my favorite and their Hanging Tree song is one of the most peaceful ones to me. I feel they are a perfect example for what I asked. The renaissance genre is very rare and they have lots of other songs similar like that.

Please DO NOT share very popular songs that everybody knows. If someone made a new cover for a famous song and it is not well known, that's fine.


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD6_QXwKesU

    This is one of the songs I listened to a lot about a year ago when I was madly in love with a girl, but didn't have the balls to say anything because I felt like she was out of my league. Today she has a boyfriend, and I hate that I never took that step to ask her out because I don't know if I would've had a chance or not. This song still makes me really emotional because it takes me back to that time and I feel just like I felt back then.

    • Awe that's really so sad and cute, we share the same experience in that way last year I had a huge crush on a boy but he had a girlfriend and I never talked to him but I won't let u think "she is out of ur league."

      One of my girlfriend is dating with a boy rn, he is pretty casual in my opinion even 6/10 from me almost but they have the attraction and he made her like him. The thing is she didn't find him handsome at all before since we were talking about boys etc but when he asked her for date, she told I need some time to think and during that time he had been lovely to her as friend in many ways and she believed he'll make her happy and dating with him rn.

      The thing is in our classroom, there was a boy really he was so extremely handsome to us, he had so nice sharp cheekbones and also had green eyes etc. and she was liking him, however she was someone shy and she dated with the boy I mentioned. Last summer this handsome boy confessed me he had crush on my girlfriend, but he never guts to tell her.

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    • Omg I love Neutral Milk Hotel <3

    • @ChgzDaniel Didn't expect anyone here to like them, they're great <3

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  • Indila derniere Danae and Yossi azulay parla piu piano


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  • Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple

    I love Hanging Tree!!! They played that song in one of the Hunger Games movies.

    Did you kerp a watch for the dead man's wind
    Did you see the kitty with a comb in her hand
    Wailim away on the wall on the strand
    As she danced to the Turkish song of the damned

    The Pogues, Turkish Song of the Damned

  • After Rain - dermot kennedy

    im sure one or two people on gag might know this

  • I like Майже весна by Okean Elzy.

    • I liked his style a lot, thank u

    • I'm glad! They're underappreciated I think.
      Я Так Хочу До Тебе is another of my faves from them.

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