Do I have to be liberal to get involved with improv?

My ex girlfriend introduced me to improv four years ago. At first I thought it was really stupid but as time went on I started to like it. Taught me to think on the spot. She went from being very shy and timid to much more outgoing.

But I also noticed virtually all her friends doing it where VERY liberal. She was a moderate liberal at the time and I notice she started getting more radical. Her new friends rubbed off on her. I’m talking about the type that go out and march and protest.

They bring up their views on sets and skits. I know if I make any mention AT ALL about anything conservative I risk automatically ostracized.

I know that the arts and theater in general attracts liberal types. They like to express themselves. I respect theater and I’ve been an extra in a few b movies and commercials.

Anyway i want to get back into this but the people can get on my nerves when they get political. Is something you just have to accept?


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  • Actors tend to be liberal and socially conscious. But there are conservative people in show biz too.

    • The conservative people are a muzzled minority. The only ones who can open up about it the older generation (Clint Eastwood)

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  • Then join the group and just don't talk about politics

    • That’s what I did. But they consistently bring up their crap. It gets annoying. Just tolerate I guess

  • news flash; there's more to life than politics

    • Not to these people.

      It’s too bad because I like the skill and concept of improv. Teaches people to get out of their shell. But the people they do have to interwine their beliefs.

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    • I’ll just put up with it. Sucks though

    • problem solved, i guess

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