Do u listen to either of these people?

i listen to both but i like future better my fave songs by him are:
Fine china
Low life
Mask off
Love me
  • Do u listen to either of these people?future
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  • Do u listen to either of these people?migos
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  • Future isn't very Good, but lowlife is solid. I love migos.


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  • Nope, just listened to Fine China because I like the song Chris Brown does with the same name. That was absolute trash. Have you actually listened to the lyrics?
    Shorty like a thousand dollar plate, fine china
    Tell her that she beautiful every day, I remind her
    Then I jump in the pussy like a lake, I'm a diver
    And her last man was a pussy, had a vagina
    I get lost in her eyes, like dust from the skies
    It's her body or nobody, I refuse to compromise
    So if she leaves, I'ma kill her, oh, she'll die
    Did I say that out loud? I'm so crazy about mine

    How is that good music? Its like the dude got high and just started rambling off words

    • i dont particular pay attention to the words i listen to the voice

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    • smooky margiellas good and here's one

    • Again with the shit lyrics though. Dude just keeps repeating about the ice he has. Then when you really listen to the body of the song, he isn't saying anything important. Heck he isn't even talking about anything good.

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  • you're not a real fan if you feel like Mask-Off is one of his best songs. there are so many good artists that rap clearly and have flow--quit it with the "MAMA!"


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