Which game should I play next?

I just finished AC Odyssey for the second time lol I played first as Kassandra and then Alexios.

What should I play next?

I like RPGs and action adventure games, would prefer a longer game.
Feel free to suggest something not on this list :)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
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  • Spider-man
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  • God Of War
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  • Hellblade
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn
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  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game of the year, in my opinion, so I totally recommend you play it.
    God of War is also another masterpiece that you need to play, as well as Spiderman and Horizon Zero Dawn... but play RDR2 first.

    I'm playing Odyssey and I'm a bit disappointed by it :/

    • Okay thanks!

      I was kinda disappointed with it too when I started playing it, but the more I played the more I liked it haha. Why are you disappointed?

    • I don't like the combat and the mercenary system. I'm talking to a character and a mercenary appears and starts attacking me so it interrupts the whole conversation. Also I'm infiltrating a fort and then all of a sudden a mercenary appears. If I get in a fight and I don't manage to finish it fast, mercenaries keep popping up. I've started a fight with just regular soldiers and ended up fighting against 5 mercenaries at the same time, with some of them a level too high for me to even cause any damage.
      I liked the combat and the mercenary system (phalakes) in AC Origins more.

      To be fair, I started playing it after RDR2, which basically ruins every other open world game for you 🤣

    • The combat what’s probably my favourite improvement in Odyssey, it felt way more polished and in depth than in Origins for me. I agree the mercs can be annoying haha I’d mostly just rely on stealth to avoid getting a bounty.
      I think I’m gonna get RDR2 next though!

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  • Thats a solid list. I'd go rdr2 tho


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