Just realized they are making a batwoman movie?

So a lesbian batwoman?
Why? Why tf?

No one asked for this shite.

Why not Batman beyond? Make it r rated make it dark and bloody but nooo.

Why do they keep cucking characters written as men originally for men originally?
Captain marvel
Iron man?

They keep trying to give women their day on the sun with every single character.
And in every single case they are a mary sue.

Idc if your female
But make an original character for the role.

Women in the xmen
Wondor woman
Sarah conor

Why tf would they give us black female Nazis in cod ww2? Wtf?

Wtf would happen if they made a male version of Charles angels people would lose their shit.

Iv the same problem with infusing films with diversity of race. Why tf is Star fire black in teen titans?
They already had black female charecters

Why tf did the bad guy in black panther keep saying ,, my people,, our people,, whu can we not just be ppl?

Why tf did they feel the need to make a black Spider-Man? Just to do it?

Why did all the men get cucked in endgame?
Why did they all get cucked in game of thrones.

No one cares if they're black or women
But when you fuck with hostorival accuracy and you fuck with the original archetype just to drive an agenda your fucking up big time.

I hope this film kills dc comics.

Why tf didn t they just make an arkham asylum film? They don't learn.


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  • Well... batwoman was a character before they needed to "diversify" everything people held dear.
    But it's funny to think that she's a rich Jew.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Was there a question in this?

    • 9 d ago

      Lots of them 1 main question why?

      The other main question
      Why do they keep pushing this b's into our movies?

    • 8 d ago

      Same reason they make all movies, it makes money

    • 8 d ago

      This infectious shite loses people money get woke and go broke

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  • A cultural Marxist "movie" that no one will watch. As the saying goes, get woke, go broke.

  • We will see the day when James Bond - 007 will swing her tits and kill thugs with them. You'll see!

    • 9 d ago

      Time was when i would have said nah never not 007.

      Then I saw what men in black 2019 will be with women how tf is it men in black then?

      God I hope this wakes people uo and tells these crazies they've gone too far

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    • 9 d ago

      Oh, nah

    • 9 d ago

      heh heh

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