I need some RPG (role playing game) advice?

We’re playing Changeling tomorrow and I wanna play a swan maiden. It’s perfect for me: swan maidens believe in true love, the guy they fall in love with is usually burdened by a Dark Fate and they love to give romantic advice.

The problem is, the swan maiden’s weakness is that if she has sex with anybody (even the guy she loves), she can’t get any Willpower points back for three whole days. Willpower points are like power-ups in a video game. Without Willpower, you’re fucked in any serious combat.

I wanna convince my guy friend who’s running the game to let me play a swan maiden without that weakness. Any ideas for a different weakness I can give her instead (he won’t let me play a character without one)? Thanks!
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Good news! My friend said if I play a swan maiden, she can have sex with no penalty if and only if she truly loves the person.

Thank you 😊
I need some RPG (role playing game) advice?
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