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If I could create a video game this would be one of them: i wish there was a game like that. here are the details: the first cutscene is in 11th of September 2001 you, an American man called "John Miller" is sitting on the coutch with your wife and daughter watching TV when 9/11 bombing appear on the news, then you leave your family and volunteer to join the marines and you get deployed in Iraq, the game is very realistic looking, guns sound and look realistic, blood effects are also very realistic. Buildings are destructible, you can shoot civilians who resist, you can raid homes and investigate them or go into mosques and search for terrorists. After that a few years later you play as the same character in Afghanistan you mostly do the same things, the game feels very tactical, you die if you get shot thrice in the body, wounded if you get shot in the leg, and once if you're shot in the head. You then play as an undercover al Qaeda militant who gives informations to the CIA then you play as another marine to arrest the Qaeda leader. The last mission would be you playing as one of the navy seals who killed Osama bin laden
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Would you buy this video game?
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