Would you pose for artistic nude photographs?

I'm working on my photography portfolio.

If your best friend asked you to pose nude, tastefully of course, for their portfolio, would you?

Paying for models is always an option, but this seems more personal.
Heck No! Maybe we can talk about some clothed portraits?
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Yes, but faces cannot be visible.
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Yes, all in!
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Yes, but somewhere in between nude and clothed. Lingerie, topless, something skimpy covering the bits, etc...
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4 mo
Just to reiterate, this is in an entirely PROFESSIONAL CONTEXT. It isn't a prelude to other things, there's no touching the other person/model, there's no soft/hard/xtreme-core elements, its photography (B&W and color film -- that I process myself, some digital). This is not sexy boudoir photos for your lover. Thanks for the insights so far...
3 mo
Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I am a little surprised at the distributions in this unscientific poll, I wasn't expecting the 40-60 split of no to being a consideration. And the same for the all-ins.
Would you pose for artistic nude photographs?
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