Would you have liked growing up in the 70s?

It was such good times, I think the best for me. Here's a taste of the music I was mesmerized by. Don't get me started on disco, that was a short phase... But they did have some cool beat...:)Lost track of the time I spent playing space invadersAnd of course TV greats like the Brady Bunch, Batman and Robbin, Gilligans Island. I think I discovered girls somewhere between Gilligans Island and Batman... note... it's all about "the utility belt";-) All you have to do is change your channel and go back in time... enjoy! And please, get out of that Monestary...
Oh yea!
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Hell no, booooring!!
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Im still stuck in the 70s, you should see my bell bottom pants
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I live in a Monestary, it's all the same to me
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Would you have liked growing up in the 70s?
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