What do you think of the confirmed matrix 4 cast so far?

1.) Keanu Reeves as Neo
2.) Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity
3.) Jessica Henwick as possibly the next “Neo”
4.) Neil Patrick Harris as currently unknown
5.) Jada Pinkerton Smith as Niobe
6.) Jonathan Groff as currently unknown
7.) Lambert Wilson as Merovingian
8.) Erendira Ibarra as currently unknown
9.) Yayha Abdul Mateen II as currently unknown
10.) William Barbour as currently unknown
11.) Toby Onwumere as currently unknown
12.) Andrew Caldwell as currently unknown
13.) Max Riemelt as currently unknown
What do you think of the confirmed matrix 4 cast so far?
I’m curious to see how Keanu’s and Carrie’s characters are going to be written into the story. But I’m also very curious to see what kind of role Jessica Henwick is going to get, I really liked her character in Iron fist, I hope they give her another badass role in the matrix 4. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as the “next Neo”, considering that “woke” Hollywood is nearly devoid of films with Asian leads. They’ve also started filming Matrix 4 already and thus the film is set to be released as soon as next year.

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1 mo
I am assuming that Laurence Fishburne’s current absence can be explained by the “Matrix online”(video game sequel to the third film) where Morpheus dies.
What do you think of the confirmed matrix 4 cast so far?
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