What do you think of my rainbow 🌈 ?

What do you think of my rainbow 🌈 ?
Got so board today now my sims 2 has stopped working and i still nkt selling
animal crossing New Horizons at Asda.

So I've been seeing a all the local children putting pictures of rainbows out in the window and i decided to do a shitty a attempt of making a rainbow collage.

The glue still isn't dry so no dirty jokes please its glue nothing else you dirty buggers. i know all to well what some of the men are like on here.

My mum and dad said it's to embarrassing to put in the window and my boyfriend thinks it shit too πŸ˜… as you can see two years of art school really did me well.
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Made from recycled materials as well 😏 get me for being eco-friendly
What do you think of my rainbow 🌈 ?
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