If we formed a G@G band, could you be a member?

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Do you have musical talent? Have you ever been in a band or thought about being in a band?

I play piano, percussion, and sing. In the spring of 1983, I started rehearsing with a singer. We planned to play the local piano bars but then I got accepted into law school and those musical plans got shelved. I have played in my college symphony, conducted a college orchestra, and sang in my church choir. . . but I never played in a band that played pop music. I still have dreams!

If we formed a G@G band, would you want to play? BONUS:. What should we name or new band?
I'll play lead guitar
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I'll play rhythm guitar
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I'll play bass guitar or string bass
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I'll play keyboards
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I'll play drums/percussion
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I'll sing
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No one is suggesting a name for the band. Perhaps. . . G@G Me With A Tune, orG@G With Swag
If we formed a G@G band, could you be a member?
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